The Urban brothers play a rousing game of Chess via the United States Parcel Service.


Bitch is trippin’

I will admit, I chose my first move based on a lesson our Opa (grandfather for you non Germanic types) taught me. I used to be baller at chess and beat his friends a bunch, but then I stopped playing promptly. I am sort of the prodigal chess player. I haven’t played a game in 6 years minimum.

But Black Brother must me out his dang mind if he thinks I am going beyond that. Planning? Strategy? That is game 2 status. I roll game 1 different. I go in cold turkey. I am free balling this chess game like a frat kid on laundry day. Like an unmanned canoe floating down the river. Majestic and shit.

This might back fire. But what is a chess game without a little danger.