The Urban brothers play a rousing game of Chess via the United States Parcel Service.


Inaugural Post

Any day now, I will be receiving a postcard in the mail from the White Brother. I await his opening move with much scratching of the forehead. The challenge to myself is already set - if I can get in his head and see his opening coming, this will bode very well for me. I’ve played quite a few sit down games in the last week to prep, but they have not been good preparation. To win at this level, you need to tread water until your opponent makes a mistake, leaves you an opening, and capitalize. You do not need a grand plan. Grand plans are tricky to concoct, but I don’t see any errors slipping through in a game of this pace.

So, what do I see happening? First bet has to be king’s pawn. It’s just so classic. A nod to the classic is definitely something I see White Brother valuing. If he goes this route, I’m also calling a classic postcard. “I Love NY,” maybe.

Of course, a hypermodern open would not be a shocker. Gotta love Marcel Duchamp.